Ninewells Hospital Dundee

We were approached by the Teenage Cancer Trust to Look at the oncology ward at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.
We were asked to come up with some design proposals which would enhance the environment for the patients receiving treatments and care.

Following consultation of patients, staff and parents TCT formulated a brief for us to work from.
After surveying the ward and taking precise measurement we set to the task in hand. The main theme for this project was to be local scenes of interest along with “Oor Wullie” and “The Broons”. After approaching the Publishers D.C. Thompson. as to whether we could get permission to use their characters within this project, we were delighted with their kind generosity and gave us the green light.

We were also introduced to a Renown Local and international award winning Photographer Shahbaz Majeed (Frame focus capture) and can’t thank him enough for his help and generosity in allowing us to use his stunning imagery throught the ward.
Designs were presented for discussion taking notes of all points raised and altered till the final proposals were approved. Now the design studio prepared all the artwork ready for print.

Everything was checked, double checked, carefully labeled and packed, ready for the installation date. The first day of installation was here, working with the staff around their daily routine and procedures we set to work, Once the staff realised how adaptable we were and realised how easily we blended into the background always mindful of patient privacy and procedure requirements, They couldn’t be anymore helpful if they tried.

The comments and praise we received throught the install from patient, staff, and visitors was overwhelming. The stunning images created whole new topic of conversation for the patients

I cannot thank the nursing / cleaning staff enough for their generosity and welcome they showed to us on our stay